Two Hundred and Seventy Six Paws

Dear Tiny Humans,

Guess what day it is? Well, to be honest, I’m a little unsure about the answer, but I do know that we’re altogether and spent a large chunk of our morning time on a walk, so I know that it’s a day when daddy doesn’t have to sit in his office room with the door closed. It’s the strangest thing… he used to go somewhere, and mama did too, for the longest time each day, and then they would return. At first it was both mama and dada that were home, then daddy was home all the time with LDB, and then mama stayed with LDB and I, and then she had IRB in her belly and it has been all of us chumming around together for the last six months.

Daddy sometimes sings when he’s in his office. I hear it especially so, when I am on their bed, snoozing during nap time. IRB doesn’t seem to always understand when nap time transpires. Leo and I need our snooze fest to regain our strength for the rest of the day. It’s quite a hall from lunch to bedtime. I find myself becoming increasingly tired when we spend time outside and inside, on a walk, and back outside. It’s a whirlwind of a day with the tiny humans, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love them, to the moon and back, just like you mama. 



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December Sunshine

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