Two Hundred and Fifty Two Paws

Dear Brothers,

Ah the beach! The wondrous and mighty roar of the ocean, did you hear it? Did you smell it? I sure did. The moment our car exited the highway I could smell the sea air through the window. There is something so freeing to me about that smell. It’s as if it rushes up through my nostrils and out into my body causing it to completely relax and feel elated at the same time.

I adore being on the sand, feeling the squishiness in my paws and running free. I ran so fast, and so hard towards mama that dada dropped my leash and I kept circling mama. I looked like a puppy again, she said, my jaw was loose and my lips were flapping in the breeze. I loved being able to roam with my family by my side. There is something to be said about going on a trip far away from home and then returning and feeling that sense of knowing that you’re in your space. That’s how I have been feeling the last couple of days. I missed my bed, my couch, and our environment. I couldn’t wait to jump in and snooze, but I also wouldn’t have minded staying at the beach. It’s one of the best places for smells, peace, and fabulous frolicking. I hope my brothers liked it too. I’m pretty sure you did because you were giggling, running, and screaming freely Leo and Irving stared at all the moving sand and talked too. Love you both.



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Cuddle pumpkin.

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