Two Hundred and Fifty Paws

Dear Brothers,

Yesterday morning was a rough one for me. I wasn’t by your side during the pre-walk and walk to the beach. I sulked on the floor for quite some time. I forgot what I was sulking about for a little while, and then, finally, you all came back smelling like the salt, water, and sand. I still don’t understand why mama wouldn’t take me with her, when she knows that I know the route to the beach. She had you baby I, the tiny one in the front pack, one hand for you Leo, and she had a totally free hand ready for me to guide her with the leash, but alas, I did not accompany you all. <Sigh.> I asked her about this choice with my eyes, but all she said was, “I love you Kimmy, we’ll go on a walk soon.”

And, later on in the daytime we did, go on a walk that is. I enjoyed our walk as a whole family immensely. My ears were flying in the windy breeze, and the parents kept putting on the masks during the walk. They need more fur these days because of whatever is in the air when they do their workout business outside. In fact, a lot of humans wear more fur on their heads. It’s bewildering to me, and also makes me laugh a little bit because, as a dog, I can see right through any layers of fur. I read the aura and feeling vibes of the humans that I encounter. Sometimes you wear the extra fur too little brothers. You both seem to like it now, and you run around outside LDB just the same with or without the jackets and fur being on. Occasionally I’ll help you take it off by running up to you full throttle and licking your ears until it comes off. Boy did I digress. Well meaning doggy business aside, I just love being with our family, so please don’t leave me at home when you venture to the sandy hills again, ok? 



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