Two Hundred and Sixty Paws

Dear Irving,

Guess what? I’m not sure what, but I sure know that I love you! You’re three and a half months old. That’s like forever in baby time! You’re able to grab at things now and focus on things super close to your face. You’re super interested in your sloth lovey and Gerald Giraffe toy. I like those items as well because you can shake shake them and they make noise. But, it goes without saying that you’re most favorite activity is gazing at the sky, trees, and feeling the breeze on your cheeks. I love to teach you about nature, when we’re outside together. I told you to watch the clouds rolling by and the flock of robin birds flying overhead. You enjoyed it immensely. You wore some interesting cloth on your head though, I recognized it from when Leo used to wear it as well.

I can’t see the colors, but I do know that there are some shapes on it that this cloth or hat, as humans refer to it, looks similar to the sea creatures in your, “Baby Beluga,” song book. Speaking of which, I’m a fan of the Raffi man, but those songs sure do get stuck in one’s brain. I can’t count the number of times that I woke up with one of those songs in my head. I used to listen to them each night before bedtime with your brother. Now I hear them double if he asks for them too.

It’s fascinating how much you both enjoy music. I guess that’s another thing that we have in common. Much like the piano because I lay underneath it when it’s played and you play it from above. I gotta go relax buddy. It’s been a long morning. 



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