Three Hundred and Seventy One Paws

Dear Kimmy, Hi!!!! It’s me, Baby-I! That’s what big bro calls me, “Baby I this… Baby I that…” He tells me so many things Kimmy. Did you know that you’re a doggy? I just thought you were my furry sister, and you still are, but I didn’t even know that you were a dog. I’mContinue reading “Three Hundred and Seventy One Paws”

Three Hundred and Seventy

Dear Brothers, Shalom! I decided to sing a Kimmy version of a song, inspired by our youngest brother’s name sake, Irving. As in Mr. Irving Berlin, please enjoy my thoughts on spring… “The sun is shining, it’s a blue sky day! We’ve been enjoying the views all day. I hope it stays nice outside! It’sContinue reading “Three Hundred and Seventy”

Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Paws

Dear Brothers, Chag Sameach! Do you know what that means? Happy Purim! That’s the holiday that comes before your birthday LDB! I remember that we had hamantachen cookies, books and songs about it last year. We did the same activities this year too! I like that I can feel spring approaching now in the windContinue reading “Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Paws”

Three Hundred Eighty Six Paws

Dear IRB, Happy Birthday sweet baby! You were born on this day. So early in the morning that, admittedly, I didn’t get up off of the couch right away. I could tell something was up with mama when she sat on that giant yoga ball and then was leaning on the counter and doing theContinue reading “Three Hundred Eighty Six Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty Five Paws

Dear LDB, Hi there big kid. You’re getting taller, and so much more independent every day. You love to play imaginary games with your toys, with pillows, blankets, me, you name it. Today we played, “Build an airplane out of magnets, hide it in it’s blanket home and then hide the tiny cars and trucks.”Continue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty Five Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty Four Paws

Dear Little Ones, Greetings, from my throne. Did you know that today was one of the most important days of the week? Well, it certainly was indeed. We rose before the sunshine, per usual with mama and daddy. The light was just peeking around the corner when I hopped off of my couch bed. IContinue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty Four Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty Three Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello sweet babes! Guess what? The sun is shining! I repeat: the. sun. is. shining. upon my face! Ahhhh! I loved our morning visits to the sunshine outside. We all took some time to breathe deeply outside and feel the warm rays of sun. You proceeded to the front yard lands and splashedContinue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty Three Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty Two Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello humans. Greetings from my blanket and the couch. I’m all warm and cozy. I have my back facing mama and daddy, so I am pretending to still be sleeping because, well let’s be honest, why should I wake up before I really need to? Now really, sleep is the most essential componentContinue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty Two Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty One Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello there! I would ask how things are going for you, but I feel like, I know how things are going, we’re always together. Am I right or what? Ha! It’s funny because it’s been almost a year of staying home and hanging out, full time as a pack, and to be honest,Continue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty One Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty Paws

Dear Brothers, There is a blue shiny light sparkling above us. I’m thinking that it’s new because, I don’t remember it being there before. Daddy was pushing things into the ceiling for a while. We had to move the room’s perimeter objects as he went around the room. IRB was busy in his play tableContinue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty Paws”