Downward Dog 17 and 18

Dear Kimmy,

Oh puppy dog, guess what? I love you. I don’t know if I could ever say that enough to you sweetheart. We’ve been through a lot of life together and I’m reminded each day just how lucky I am to have you here.

We’re rolling along with our yoga practice together. We hit a stride with me continuing the practice and you sleeping, most days. I don’t mind, you know a comfy spot when you see one, that’s for sure.

We worked on synchronization and believing in the idea of our flow. I noticed that the more I grounded down, the easier it became. Perhaps that’s why you like to pick a spot in the yard to sit and stand in. You take it all in and ease into the moment before flowing through the rest of the day. I can learn so much from you.



Sleepy check in.

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