Downward Dog 12

Dear Kimmy,

Morning sweetheart. You had a busy weekend with visitors and a bath. Emphasis on the bath component… I know it’s not your favorite part of life, but it is a necessary one. Once you learned that there were treats involved you seemed less hesitant to participate.

We leaned into the elements of nurture in today’s home yoga practice from yoga with Adrienne. I know your favorite part of the day involves two elements of today’s practice: being cozy and any blanket.

I appreciate how you approach any blanket with the same speculation every time you encounter one: none. Without hesitation you start nesting, turn three times and curl up before laying down to rest. Your daily nurturing practices of leaning into us for hugs, pushing your nose into our hands, and always being close by brings joy to our days.

Love you Kimmy,


Post-bath coziness.

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