Downward Dog 16

Dear Mama,

Greetings! 🐾 Did you ever watch Star Trek? Of course you have, silly me, that’s why you always say that phrase and make a hand gesture. 🖖 I can’t do that with my paws, but I like to give high-five paws instead.

Good job working on yoga day 16 with Adrienne’s home series. I noticed that my brothers wanted your attention this morning, but they got daddy and Kimmy hugs instead so that you could finish your yoga session. We got your back mama.

It’s another cold, but clear day outside. I enjoyed our freezing cold walk. The world smells different in this air and I quite like it. Sorry about pulling you towards the grass and trees on our walk, I couldn’t help myself. I know you understand, and I also understand that when I snore it’s quite funny to you all, so I’d say we’re even. Wink.

Love you,


Oh mama, no paw-parazzi please. 🐾

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