Downward Dog Day 10 & 11

Dear Mama,

Greetings on this cold winter morning. The last two mornings with yoga have transpired in the wee hours of the day. I enjoy when the house is quiet and I can drift in and out of doggy dream land. All of my furless people are in my dreams, but no one is sitting on me or trying to crawl around my sleep space.

Yesterday and today we worked on grounding and then digging into our space. These yoga topics are right up my dog alleyway. I tell ya, this Adrienne must understand the essence of doglife because she sure has written about topics I understand.

I love to stretch and feel the earth beneath my paws. There is nothing quite like the steadiness of soil underfoot. Y’all often ask me what I am doing when I point my body to the sky and sniff. I am grounding into place and digging my paws in so I feel more centered. I knew this new blog series would speak to me. I have lots of dog wisdom to share on this topic. More to come.



The giggle brothers.

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