Downward Dog 4

Dear Momma,

Greetings to you on this winter day! We are currently experiencing our first snow fall. My paws were tingly cold when we went out for business today. Thanks for the extra loves when I came inside, I appreciated that.

Our fourth day of yoga was a full on momma, doggy and toddler kid extravaganza. We practiced activating our energetic bodies, and I listened when Adrienne explained that. I knew what I was doing when I climbed up above you to both guard and activate energetic dog energy. I saw you needed some support so that’s why I licked your ears.

All in all I felt very successful about our fourth yoga day. I believe in the power of collective energy and I often wonder what would happen in our world if we united instead of divided. So perhaps if you’re reading this, offer a moment of unifications today. I offer free tail wags and lean to hugs, those are my specialties. What could you offer freely? Thanks for reading and following our journey through downward dog and beyond.



Yoga dog tongue.
Snow paws and toddler boots.

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