Two Hundred and Thirty Six Paws

Dear Leo, Hi lil’ dude. How was your nap buddy? You were doing some major chatting during the start of your nap. I was trying to decipher what you were saying, in case you wanted to tell me something important. Momma and daddy wouldn’t let me go in your room though. I tried buddy, IContinue reading “Two Hundred and Thirty Six Paws”

Two Hundred and Thirty Five Paws

Dear Irving, Hello tiny baby. You are my new nap buddy. We nap together puppy brother. You make some really big noises though, I have to admit, sometimes I get a little bit grumpy about them too. I thought that I was a noisy sleeper, but it turns out that you can make more squeaksContinue reading “Two Hundred and Thirty Five Paws”

Two Hundred and Thirty Four Paws

Dear Brothers, Sometimes things happen that startle me, you, and our family. Yesterday, while on a walk with mama, Irving and mama tripped. Mama is like a brave bear and she hurt her knee and elbow taking the fall and protecting the baby. Little brother was fine. He was snoozing of course and woke upContinue reading “Two Hundred and Thirty Four Paws”

Two Hundred and Thirty Three Paws

Dear Leo, Today was a pretty busy day if I may say so. The grandparents came over to visit. I slept in with Baby I and only got up a little bit before they came over. I was a little bit bummed because I didn’t get to go on the walk with you guys. IContinue reading “Two Hundred and Thirty Three Paws”

Two Hundred and Thirty Two Paws

Dear Baby I, Hi there tiny human. Kimmy here, your puppy dog sister, aka the one who licks your head. Speaking of licks, yesterday evening I had an especially delightful time giving you kisses. Your head is super tasty. You and your brother both have the best baby smells. You smell like mama and babyContinue reading “Two Hundred and Thirty Two Paws”

Two Hundred and Thirty One Paws

Dear Leo, Hi lil dude. I rose early this morning or shall I say instead, in the middle of the night?! I like to lie on the landing between the stair case sets so that I am closer to everyone, but also still guarding us from the unknowns of the downstairs realm. I came upstairsContinue reading “Two Hundred and Thirty One Paws”

Two Hundred and Thirty Paws

Dear Leo, Do you know what today is? It’s boom day! I mean garbage day! It’s your favorite day of the week lil’ dude!  Sometimes you get so excited about garbage day that it’s all you’ll talk about for the rest of the morning. You take your special garbage truck toy and wheel it aroundContinue reading “Two Hundred and Thirty Paws”

Two Hundred and Twenty Eight Paws

Dear little ones, Hi boys. I love you both so much. That’s what I have to say first off. When mama had you both in her belly, at separate times, of course, I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to have my own little puppy. You both make me so happy and soContinue reading “Two Hundred and Twenty Eight Paws”

Two Hundred and Twenty Seven Paws

Dear Leo, Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night on my couch bed and I just listen. Then I get up in one giant leap, and I walk to the steps. I stop and listen again. Then I climb up the steps to my spot on the carpeted floor. I like toContinue reading “Two Hundred and Twenty Seven Paws”

Two Hundred and Twenty Six Paws

Dear Kimmy, Morning friend! I’m sending this message to you from my crib-bed. You are asleep with baby I in momma and daddy’s room. There’s so many things that I want to tell you about, but sometimes I find it difficult to decide on one thing. For instance a few things running through my headContinue reading “Two Hundred and Twenty Six Paws”