Two Hundred and Twenty Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night on my couch bed and I just listen. Then I get up in one giant leap, and I walk to the steps. I stop and listen again. Then I climb up the steps to my spot on the carpeted floor. I like to get closer to everyone at that time in the night so I go and sleep on the landing of the stairs. It’s a quiet space, well there’s actually two really large squares where I can stretch out. If I needed to I could lay down on the spot above and then sort of melt off the stair and into the second one. It’s a special talent that I possess. I have seen you do this as well though. It must be something about that upper staircase that is so delightful. We just can’t help but slide off of it, right?

When mama and daddy wake up or Irving wakes them up, I hop up, saunter upstairs and wait for them to put my blanket on their bed so I can resume the next three hours of sleep. Sleep is essential to my doggy functioning, as we have discussed previously. I require a lot of sleep. Two naps in the morning, afternoon, and evening help me function at high speed when we play outside. Although, I generally have my later evening naps interrupted by a small human chasing me with cars, stuffed animals, or other items.

Last night we had a super fun time running around the house, or at least you did the running, and I more so “hopped” away every now and then. My favorite moment was when I sandwiched you between the foot stool and myself. That was highly amusing. You tried to wiggle free, but alas, I am too strong. You ended up laughing, yelling, and laughing some more. I was just standing there, leaning into you, so I wasn’t so sure what the problem was, but never the less, it was a good time to be had by all involved. Perhaps we’ll do that again today, we shall see! I love you buddy. Back to my morning nap.



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Sitting with my pal by my side.

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