Two Hundred and Twenty Six Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Morning friend! I’m sending this message to you from my crib-bed. You are asleep with baby I in momma and daddy’s room. There’s so many things that I want to tell you about, but sometimes I find it difficult to decide on one thing.

For instance a few things running through my head right now are: when do we get to go outside and play more? Why does the garbage truck only come once a week? Can we go out front and romp in the grass to the fairy land? Why do dogs have four paws? Can I have fur like you? How many raisins do you think I could put into my mouth at once? I told you I had a lot of things on my mind! Questions just pop into my head. I point to everything on the page in a book and ask, “What’s that? Momma what’s that?” Sometimes I do that for the things I recognize and that I know too. It just reassures me to ask and hear the answer that I know to be true. It’s kind of like when I run up to you and give you an attack hug because it just feels right.

I love to give you big squeeze hugs, even when you start walking away, I walk along side of you. I’m a follow through kind of hugger. I hold on until the hug is complete. I love you buddy. Thanks for playing and drinking pool water for me today. 



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