Two Hundred and Thirty Six Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi lil’ dude. How was your nap buddy? You were doing some major chatting during the start of your nap. I was trying to decipher what you were saying, in case you wanted to tell me something important. Momma and daddy wouldn’t let me go in your room though. I tried buddy, I really did. When you got up from your nap, well, we had quite a time in the back yard!

The last few days have felt super warm. It reminds me of California days as a tiny puppy, but better, because you see, I’m here with you! You helped water the plants over and over again. You enjoyed scooping buckets of water from your pool into the plant boxes. Then you gave some water to me, which in theory was pretty kind, but in reality, just made me rather wet. I thank you though for your attempt to be so generous with hydration. I love you lil’ guy,



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Nursing pals.

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