Two Hundred and Thirty Three Paws

Dear Leo,

Today was a pretty busy day if I may say so. The grandparents came over to visit. I slept in with Baby I and only got up a little bit before they came over. I was a little bit bummed because I didn’t get to go on the walk with you guys. I stayed with mama and Baby I while he slept and then we did the nursing thing. I whined and whined and whined until y’all realized that I was ready to come outside with you. Mama heard me upstairs and let me out once she was done doing the milking.

I was so ecstatic to see Grandma that I nearly took out her knee with my side turn body moving around to do my shuffle wag. I didn’t mean to bump her, but I think she was ok. After that I raced around and around the yard with you. Dada got all of his hairs cut. Baby I hung out on Grandpa’s shoulder for a little while, then mama’s arms, and the dada’s arms.

Next up was your hairs-cut time. You weren’t particularly fond of the comb that they used or the wet water, but you have really short puppy dog hair now. I loved your curls, and so did mama and dada, but they were pretty wild there for the last few months. I think the last time you got a doggy groom was right before your birthday! That was over five months ago buddy! I’m one to talk though because I don’t ever get groomed. I have the baths with you guys, but no scissors come near me. You asked mama about a hair cut for me and for your brother. But your brother has hardly any hair and me? Well I just told you. I wonder if your head gets cold now? I’m sure your hairs will grow back quickly. I better go, because I might wake up the baby, he’s sleeping… and you know what they say, “Don’t wake a sleeping babe.”

Love you,


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