Two Hundred and Thirty Paws

Dear Leo,

Do you know what today is? It’s boom day! I mean garbage day! It’s your favorite day of the week lil’ dude!  Sometimes you get so excited about garbage day that it’s all you’ll talk about for the rest of the morning. You take your special garbage truck toy and wheel it around the house again and again and again.

Now, I don’t mind the little person toys. But, I do mind the actions that they take. They interrupt my snoozes, especially if they are on the floor in the pathway, then they will find themselves placed into the truck. This truck of yours also doubles as a storage device. It stores things like my squirrel stuffed animals. It’s perplexing me, as to why it thinks that this is appropriate behavior. Those toys are mine! I seek revenge quietly, and I walk over and take the squirrels out one by one, if you’re not watching that is. I know that this might not be particularly kind, but I have to tow the paw line somewhere and my toys are it! Speaking of which, I should go check that truck right now, before you take it outside to show the garbage truck driver. Love you LDB!



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Wait, whose there buddy?!

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