Two Hundred and Twenty Eight Paws

Dear little ones,

Hi boys. I love you both so much. That’s what I have to say first off. When mama had you both in her belly, at separate times, of course, I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to have my own little puppy. You both make me so happy and so tired at the same time. Ha! The other day, mama tried to take me on a walk during the nap time. I was excited at first. I love walks, I love mama, I love the sunshine, but something stopped me. I pulled back on my harness and then almost sat down on the driveway. There was something pulling me back to both of you. Even for the short time that it takes to go on a walk. I stopped myself. I worry about my puppy dog brothers. You see, I need to be with you both, I’m your guardian and I take care of you guys. I like to sit on the couch, or in the corner of a room and observe, protect and watch you both from afar.

Then we adventure together outside, play, and I sometimes will let you cuddle up to me when you pause your roll for a minute. I love how you squeeze me in your big boy hugs now Leo. You’re a super affectionate, silly, and mischievous lil’ dude. Now Irving, you have a thing or two to learn, but for now, you’re super tasty with all the baby flavors when I get a kiss in each day. I love to lick your head because I can get all of it in one big pink slurp with my tongue. I’m talented like that. Adept with the flash of a dog kiss. ‘Ya gotta be quick before the baby moves or cries, pick one spot for a dog kiss and go with it I say. 

xo boys,

Kimmy dog

© 2019-2020 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Window views, traveling adventures in the car.

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