Two Hundred and Thirty Four Paws

Dear Brothers,

Sometimes things happen that startle me, you, and our family. Yesterday, while on a walk with mama, Irving and mama tripped. Mama is like a brave bear and she hurt her knee and elbow taking the fall and protecting the baby. Little brother was fine. He was snoozing of course and woke up with a start. There were some very kind and patient neighbors that came over to see if we were all ok.

They held my leash, took us into their backyard, and then took us home. I was really hyper and not sure about the situation so I wiggled out of my harness but I stayed there. I wouldn’t leave you or mama, ever. The whole experience really upset mama, a lot. She said the word grateful a lot, and thank you to the neighbors, so I knew that they were ok humans.

When accidents happen, I try to be by your side and wait. So, I stayed with mama and you the rest of the day and we nursed a lot, rested in the house, and now I’m waiting patiently until we get up, tiny one. You sleep a lot, but you also started to watch me a tiny bit yesterday. That was probably because I was on your level of the ground and you were in your little baby chair that buzzes. You saw me and tracked as I walked by. Then I turned and gave you a quick kiss on the cheek. You tasted like my delicious sweet baby brother. Keep staying little Irving. I love you both so much puppy brothers!



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Quiet morning moments.

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