Two Hundred and Thirty One Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi lil dude. I rose early this morning or shall I say instead, in the middle of the night?! I like to lie on the landing between the stair case sets so that I am closer to everyone, but also still guarding us from the unknowns of the downstairs realm. I came upstairs when I heard your brother make smacking sounds.

Apparently he pulled his arm out of the swaddle and was sucking on his hand. You used to do that too. I supervised the feeding from my bed, and then joined mama for a little more snoozing on her bed afterwards. Your little brother is a Houdini, just like you. Both of you love to have your hands up by your faces when you sleep. Well, us dogs do too! That’s what paws are for, right?! I love to be able to snuggle into my legs and paws. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy laying on the couch bed. I curl up, just so, and then burrow my face into my legs. I receive a sense of comfort when I am snuggled. It’s kind of like giving yourself a hug in a way. I like hugs. Especially if I can fall asleep in a hug. Talking about all this comforting business has made me sleepy again. Back to the naps for now, dreams here I come!



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Back views of yard shenanigans.

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