Downward Dog 21

Dear Mama,

Hello! It’s a big day for our family for a few reasons, it’s our Auntie Debbie’s yahrzeit and I sense your sadness, our grandparents anniversary is also today, and we start potty learning with little brother!

Whooee. I appreciated that you took time for you and me too this morning. We worked on meditation and yoga together.

Today’s focus with the “home” series by yoga with Adriene was to boost ourselves. Your core strength and breath seem to drive everything for you mama. Is that what you find to be true as well? I know my breathing has a lot to do with how I feel. For instance on my walk today I was breathing hard when we went up a hill and I usually pant when I do that, but I cooled off quickly because my bare paws were cold on the ground.

I hope you found our cuddle time to be grounding mama. I love you.


Kimmy dog 🐾

Snuggle time

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