Downward Dog 20

Dear Mama,

Cheers to finding stillness throughout your yoga practice today. I heard you creaking about and then being still early this morning. Why is it so challenging to find stillness in our lives? I know of two busy bees that keep us in motion over here though, perhaps that’s one fundamental reason for us, eh?!

Settling into this season of colder weather does bring it’s own layer of added stillness though. I appreciate winter for that reason. That’s why I tend to gravitate towards snoozing by the heater vent, lounging halfway down the stairwell and lying on any available bed.

There’s a special something to finding a cozy spot that speaks to me in my bones. Speaking of cozy, I shall go find somewhere right now.

Keep up the good practice mama. I love you too.



I smize with my eyes, as the great Tyra Banks says.

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