Downward Dog 6

Dear Mama, Happiest of birthdays to you! Did you know that you don’t grow older with age, but grow wiser? 💜 Someone told me that and I saved it for this day. Today you worked on igniting your core with your yoga poses. I heard a lot of funny breathing but I stayed committed toContinue reading “Downward Dog 6”

Downward Dog 5

Dear Kimmy, Hi puppy! Have I told you lately that I love you? You’re my companion each day and steadfast friend. We see a lot of rise and falls of emotions day in and day out. You always choose the best moments to come, “lean in” and remind me to soften. Today’s yoga practice directlyContinue reading “Downward Dog 5”

Downward Dog 4

Dear Momma, Greetings to you on this winter day! We are currently experiencing our first snow fall. My paws were tingly cold when we went out for business today. Thanks for the extra loves when I came inside, I appreciated that. Our fourth day of yoga was a full on momma, doggy and toddler kidContinue reading “Downward Dog 4”

Downward Dog 3

Dear Momma, It was much too windy for me to rise early enough to join you in the yogi session today. I supported you from the couch though. Did you catch when I stretched my paw out? That was for you. A little bird told me these things today: You are strong. You are capable.Continue reading “Downward Dog 3”

Downward Dog 2

Dear Friends, They say life is better when we follow through. I’m not quite sure of what that really means, but I do know this, I follow my family anywhere. Mama said today’s my yoga with Benji was about setting intentions. So, naturally I followed through on my intention to remain as cozy as possibleContinue reading “Downward Dog 2”

Downward Dog

Dear Internets World, Greetings. It is I, Kimmy dog back with mama reporting for daily writing duty. We have taken a break due to life, and my brother’s busy paws. This month we’re working on a yoga adventure together. We love, “Yoga with Adrienne,” and mama has made solo strides over the last two months.Continue reading “Downward Dog”

Four Hundred and Forty One Paws

Dear Little Brothers, Hello. It is I Kimmy, back for another installment of, “What is Kimmy thinking today?” Well, what’s on my mind is: rest time. I must nap frequently these days, my little brothers take it out of me! You see, we all woke up much too early today with the rumble-rumble of theContinue reading “Four Hundred and Forty One Paws”

Three Hundred and Seventy One Paws

Dear Kimmy, Hi!!!! It’s me, Baby-I! That’s what big bro calls me, “Baby I this… Baby I that…” He tells me so many things Kimmy. Did you know that you’re a doggy? I just thought you were my furry sister, and you still are, but I didn’t even know that you were a dog. I’mContinue reading “Three Hundred and Seventy One Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty Five Paws

Dear LDB, Hi there big kid. You’re getting taller, and so much more independent every day. You love to play imaginary games with your toys, with pillows, blankets, me, you name it. Today we played, “Build an airplane out of magnets, hide it in it’s blanket home and then hide the tiny cars and trucks.”Continue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty Five Paws”

Three Hundred and Eighty One Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello there! I would ask how things are going for you, but I feel like, I know how things are going, we’re always together. Am I right or what? Ha! It’s funny because it’s been almost a year of staying home and hanging out, full time as a pack, and to be honest,Continue reading “Three Hundred and Eighty One Paws”