Three Hundred and Eighty Five Paws

Dear LDB,

Hi there big kid. You’re getting taller, and so much more independent every day. You love to play imaginary games with your toys, with pillows, blankets, me, you name it. Today we played, “Build an airplane out of magnets, hide it in it’s blanket home and then hide the tiny cars and trucks.” I observed these games from my lair, or nay, throne.

I’m watching mama right now as she types for me. I’m not sure who was making loud noises on the small street we share with a couple of other homes, but I heard it. I thought about barking, but then I thought better, it’s nap time. If anyone in our home were to wake up the sleeping babes, well, that’d just be plain, treasonous. You know what that means? That’s supposed to be an honorary line that one does not cross. “Thou shalt not wake a sleeping babe.” That’s rule number one when you’re a doggy sister like me. I know these things, I also don’t enjoy when y’all cry if you’re woken up, so you could say that I have learned a thing or two in the almost three years that I have shared our home with tiny humans. Speaking of sleep… there I go, off to dream land.



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Mid-day yawns.

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