Four Hundred and Forty One Paws

Dear Little Brothers,

Hello. It is I Kimmy, back for another installment of, “What is Kimmy thinking today?” Well, what’s on my mind is: rest time. I must nap frequently these days, my little brothers take it out of me! You see, we all woke up much too early today with the rumble-rumble of the garbage truck as it drove on our little road and dumped all the goods into it’s truck. It was not our usual Mr. Gilly friend who drove it. Perhaps that’s why it was such an earlier hour than usual? Regardless of the early time, I was exhausted after our walk and thus, tried to nap early on in the day, but y’all seemed h-bent on pretending I was a horsey. Thanks LDB, and so we play, play, played. We’re all sleeping now, which, I prefer if I’m being completely honest. So, thanks mama for asking about my thoughts, but I need to take a rest and then we can get back into sharing what I’m thinking later on.



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Tiny hands and doggy paws.

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