Three Hundred and Seventy One Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Hi!!!! It’s me, Baby-I! That’s what big bro calls me, “Baby I this… Baby I that…” He tells me so many things Kimmy. Did you know that you’re a doggy? I just thought you were my furry sister, and you still are, but I didn’t even know that you were a dog. I’m learning about so many things! One of my favorite things that I’m pretty sure you love too is: OUTSIDE! I love the sunshine and when the breeze tickles my face, that’s pretty fun times. I also love to grab tree branches, and pinecones that are growing, and feel the rough bark wood, and flowers, and grass, and just I guess everything! The world is so wide Kimmy! What do you think of the world? Do you like outside too? I think that you do because you and big bro run around and around and play outside together and I watch you two! I think I’ll do some running some day soon. I hope so at least. I’m sleepy now. I think I might go snooze.


IRB baby bro aka The Baby I

© 2019-2021 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

All cuddled up on the couch.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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