Four Hundred and Thirty Nine Paws

Dear Kimmy, Hiiii! You make me laugh puppy dog sister. I love you so much! That’s why I like to pull myself up onto you and stand with you, and then walk. You make me feel safe and loved, especially so because we spend a lot of time together on the ground. You’re my groundContinue reading “Four Hundred and Thirty Nine Paws”

Four Hundred and Thirty Eight Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello littles. All I have to say is that: gosh I love you both so much! We’ve had some really nice neighborhood walks every morning with the parents. I love the outdoor smells and having both of you by my side. Thank you for all of the love and support littles. I wouldContinue reading “Four Hundred and Thirty Eight Paws”

Four Hundred and Thirty Seven Paws

Dear Brothers, Greetings, from nap dream land, hello dear ones! I just have to say first off that, I love you both so much! I truly do appreciate your shenanigans and personalities every day. You both are silly, sweet, and kind. There are occasional moments where I’m a little bit unsure of your choices, butContinue reading “Four Hundred and Thirty Seven Paws”

Four Hundred and Thirty Six Paws

Dear Brothers, Greetings dear ones. It is I, Kimmy, your faithful dog sister, or should that be sitter? Hmmm, the jury is still out on that one. Haha! We had such an adventure together this morning. On our morning walk I started off by trying to pretend IRB was in a sled and I wasContinue reading “Four Hundred and Thirty Six Paws”

Four Hundred and Thirty Five Paws

Dear Kimmy, Hi, it’s me, baby brother! Guess what puppy dog? I love to see you, that’s what! You bring a smile to my face each and every day. I feel so lucky to have you as my big sister. You’re always watching out for us, thanks for that Kimmy-Kim! I try to get yourContinue reading “Four Hundred and Thirty Five Paws”

Four Hundred and Thirty Four Paws

Dear Little Ones, Greetings! It is I, Kimmy doggy. I have some news for you: we had a great sunshine filled walk this morning. I could feel the heat beginning to rise at the end of our walk. You see, my paws absorb the heat that is soaked up from the sun. I can feelContinue reading “Four Hundred and Thirty Four Paws”

Four Hundred and Thirty Two Paws

Dear Brothers, Hi there little dudes. Y’all are so cute when you sleep! I must say so because I see how sweet you are when you’re snoozing on those little monitors that the parents carry around. Sometimes I try to sneak into your rooms to sleep near you, but most days I hop up ontoContinue reading “Four Hundred and Thirty Two Paws”

Four Hundred and Thirty One Paws

Dear Brothers, (I have another blast from the past summer memory as the weather becomes more dreary…) Welcome to the dog days of summer! This is our second summer season together. Who knew that we would be having so much fun together?! I love watching you both explore outside. I like to keep myself atContinue reading “Four Hundred and Thirty One Paws”

Four Hundred and Thirty Paws

(Older post/memory post) Dear Brothers, Today was my adopt-a-versary day. Do you know what that means? In simpler terms it is the day that I was adopted into our family. Some animal friends call it a, “gotcha’ day,” and I like that phrase too. Momma wrote me a special letter and gave me a bitContinue reading “Four Hundred and Thirty Paws”

Four Hundred and Twenty Nine Paws

Dear Kimmy (this is a flashback letter story), Hi big sister doggy! Did you know that yesterday was the hottest recorded day in Oregon? It was 115 degrees in one day! Mama and I went to the library and a surprise ice cream parlor. I’ve gone and gotten ice cream at the beach with mommaContinue reading “Four Hundred and Twenty Nine Paws”