Four Hundred and Thirty Two Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hi there little dudes. Y’all are so cute when you sleep! I must say so because I see how sweet you are when you’re snoozing on those little monitors that the parents carry around. Sometimes I try to sneak into your rooms to sleep near you, but most days I hop up onto my bed post in the parent’s bedroom. I always wake up feeling much betters after I have had some sleeps. It helps me plan out where I will nap later on in the day.

Ha! Mama laughed aloud as she wrote that for me. She thinks it’s hilarious that I nap so much, but she understands the need for sleep too. She would take more naps too, especially when running a solo ship, but that’s not always a possibility. I mean, I am present and participating in the shenanigans when we’re flying without the daddy, but I’m not always sure how to help out. Sometimes I just walk right in front of her to make sure that I’m making my presence known. That’s an essential part of being a dog friend. I.E. I must always be in the room or within an eye lid’s open view of my humans. Speaking of which, I must drift off to dream land and join you both in playing, let’s meet at the red slide brothers!



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Sweet moments with one of my tiny humans.

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