Four Hundred and Thirty Four Paws

Dear Little Ones,

Greetings! It is I, Kimmy doggy. I have some news for you: we had a great sunshine filled walk this morning. I could feel the heat beginning to rise at the end of our walk. You see, my paws absorb the heat that is soaked up from the sun. I can feel the heat on my paws and my toes. I wagged my tail a lot when daddy met us on our walk.

I enjoyed seeing him at the end of the street and watching you race to meet him LDB. You’re so steady and strong on your bicycle now. Your confidence can astound me, especially when you move back and forth on your bike and I am unaware of the suddenness that will bring you back to where I am walking. IRB, you’re a pretty fun walker too little one. I love how excited you get and how you show it. You can kick your legs up high, chew on your feet, and talk on and on about what you see on our walk. You’re quite a conversationalist, as all of the humans are in our home. I have found my voice and I add a thing or two every now and then. Oh! Guess what?! Mama just saw a hummingbird.

I’m running in my sleep; I’m running to see the hummingbird too! Oops, just missed it! Maybe next time I’ll catch up and tell it hello!



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Flashback Friday photo to a small baby pup.

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