Four Hundred and Thirty Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

Greetings dear ones. It is I, Kimmy, your faithful dog sister, or should that be sitter? Hmmm, the jury is still out on that one. Haha! We had such an adventure together this morning. On our morning walk I started off by trying to pretend IRB was in a sled and I was his huskey dog and thus, I had to, “mush!”

Although, dad wasn’t into that story line and did not understand my need for speed to pull him down the street. He quickly brought me back to his side, and I brought my mind back to the current moment at paw. I enjoyed our walk in the neighborhood and didi not think about the mountain slopes of Alaska anymore. I would like the record to state that I am quite a knowledgeable canine and I would enjoy an adventure north one day!

Momma, did you hear that? Let’s go back and visit your land of origin in the wild lands of the Yukon. One time I heard Grandpa J talk about that land and it sounded quite exciting. That is why I thought I would act out some adventures on my walk today, but alas, it was not the right time.



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Just a couple of buddies hanging out together, “Did anyone hear him say mush?!”

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