Four Hundred and Thirty Paws

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Dear Brothers,

Today was my adopt-a-versary day. Do you know what that means? In simpler terms it is the day that I was adopted into our family. Some animal friends call it a, “gotcha’ day,” and I like that phrase too. Momma wrote me a special letter and gave me a bit of extra TLC. I’m partial to the TLC bit because being a creature of physical tangibility, I love to receive all of the pets I can get. One of my favorite things, as of late, is sprawling on the couch and mama sitting with me in the wee hours of the morning. I just lay there and listen to her read. She reads a lot in her head, but I can read her emotions, so I get the gist of what the story is about. For instance, right now, I am telepathically sending my thoughts to mama to write down for me. A friend of hers asked if she considered herself a ghost writer. I think she is in a way, because she writes for me, she’s my paw-scribe. I’m multi-tasking right now by sending these words to mama and also simultaneously sleep dreaming and twitching my brows as I think about my dream. Alrighty, back to dream land. I must help IRB have his dream scape narrated.



Contemplative paws on a dreary Monday.

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