Four Hundred and Thirty One Paws

Dear Brothers,

(I have another blast from the past summer memory as the weather becomes more dreary…)

Welcome to the dog days of summer! This is our second summer season together. Who knew that we would be having so much fun together?! I love watching you both explore outside. I like to keep myself at a safe distance in order to know that I will not be in the way of a toy or a moving object because I have learned that it’s never a good situation for Kimmy and a truck to collide. As of late I have been enjoying the mat and towels mama lays out on the ground for us to sit on. I like to lie down close enough, but far enough away from the trucks, as I was mentioning. But, here’s the kicker, these wheeled objects move! They move from one spot to another, so I have to constantly keep myself aware of what is happening around me.

I basically sleep with “one eye open,” because that’s part of my doggy life these days. We watch the clouds roll by, and we also watch for those dragonflies that come in on high air currents and land near the fence to sun themselves. I always know when a dragonfly is near because I can hear the soft buzzing sound that they make. Mama said once that a dragonfly is a prehistoric creature! So, I think it means they are basically flying dinosaurs! How cool is that bro’s?! Alright, you’re both taking a snooze together right now so that means, I must nap as well. See you in dream land,

Xo, Kimmy

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Sitting with my blue bear brother.

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