Four Hundred and Thirty Seven Paws

Dear Brothers,

Greetings, from nap dream land, hello dear ones! I just have to say first off that, I love you both so much! I truly do appreciate your shenanigans and personalities every day. You both are silly, sweet, and kind. There are occasional moments where I’m a little bit unsure of your choices, but that’s all a part of life isn’t it? Life is messy and silly and that’s definitely true with both of you.

Today mama and I investigated the Cadillac car’s, “bark dust,” bath, as you put it LDB. I’m not so sure why it needed a bark dust bath versus a traditional bath, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you made that up toddler kiddo. You’re full of fascinating ideas about moving dirt, and rocks, and all of the toys into the backyard pool. You name it, you create it and I watch you do it. Daddy said you had a fun time playing and you wanted to share the work that you’d done. Well, I gotta’ go and manage slide time in dream land.



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Soft light, soft paws, restful sleeps.

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