Three Hundred and Sixty Three Paws

Dear Brothers, Would you both like to be in on a little secret that I know? Well, you’re going to be whether you want to or not, haha. Or in the words of our mama, “LOL,” which means laugh out loud! It’s snowing outside. I think you may have seen it a bit IRB, butContinue reading “Three Hundred and Sixty Three Paws”

One Hundred and Twenty Four Paws

Dear Leo, The sun is out again today. I think we must have been transported to California! This is the most unusual experience to have two sunshine days in a row in February, the winter, as the mama says. Life just continues to be more and more interesting each day. I enjoy watching the sunContinue reading “One Hundred and Twenty Four Paws”

Eighty Two Paws

Dear Leo, Today you started sharing your feelings rather early in the morning. 4:30 a.m. to be exact. I heard momma move around and then she and dada were up and at ‘em before I knew it. I ignored dada when he came downstairs. I’m good at pretending to be sleeping. Then I start groaningContinue reading “Eighty Two Paws”