One Hundred and Twenty Four Paws

Dear Leo,

The sun is out again today. I think we must have been transported to California! This is the most unusual experience to have two sunshine days in a row in February, the winter, as the mama says. Life just continues to be more and more interesting each day. I enjoy watching the sun glide across the carpet. I move from spot to spot to stay with the sunshine as long as possible. We also took a walk together this morning. Our day started out a little bit earlier than it usually does so we were able to take a walk and this made my doggy day!

You brought another dog along for the ride in your stroller. This dog can’t walk on it’s own, it’s name is Snoopy! Mama says that she really likes Snoopy because it makes her laugh. Snoopy has a lot of enthusiastic energy in the cartoon version. One time I visited mama at her classroom and I saw a lot of the Snoopy in there. I guess I approve of this Snoopy, especially if it is friendly and makes you feel happy. This Snoopy is wearing a green track suit, with rainbow trim, and hold the paws, it is complete with: a zipper. You love to zip the zipper up and down, much like your own coat zipper. I think that is one way that you got so good at using a zipper. I don’t ever use a zipper. I’m not into wearing human clothes. One time mama put these fake paws on me, when we had a lot of, “snow,” and I was not fond of those slipper paws. Not. One. Bit. So, the moral of the story is this: as a dog, we don’t like the human clothes on us, we like the sun, and we like the walks. Thank you and nap nap time for us now!



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Action hugs between playing.

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