Three Hundred and Sixty Three Paws

Dear Brothers,

Would you both like to be in on a little secret that I know? Well, you’re going to be whether you want to or not, haha. Or in the words of our mama, “LOL,” which means laugh out loud! It’s snowing outside. I think you may have seen it a bit IRB, but LDB, you’re snoozing up a storm in your bedroom. It looks more like fat gloppy rain drops and bits of snow here and there. It’s interesting how it falls over and over, almost mesmerizing to me in a way.

Grammie Kathy was saying that it was snowing at the coast and then it started snowing here. Haha! She must have sent some clouds our way. Hopefully we get some, “stick to the ground snow,” and then you could play in it LDB! I know you have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for the snow this winter. In fact, I remember you telling mama that that was indeed one of the things you were looking forward to this winter time season. We were learning all about seasons when things shifted from summer to fall and then fall to winter here in our wet land zone of Oregon. I like to learn about all of the names, and facts, and information that you read and discuss with mama and daddy. We like to learn in this house, that’s for sure! I love you both so very much.



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I’m waiting for my food lil’ dudes!

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