Eighty Two Paws

Dear Leo,

Today you started sharing your feelings rather early in the morning. 4:30 a.m. to be exact. I heard momma move around and then she and dada were up and at ‘em before I knew it. I ignored dada when he came downstairs. I’m good at pretending to be sleeping. Then I start groaning to show my displeasure in disrupting my slumber. When mama came down however, I got up and gave her a fair greeting because I knew that once momma is up, it’s time to get up. That’s when my routine begins for the day.

Most days I can go back to sleeps after we got outside and then get my breakfast going. But not today. We took care of you right away, but truth be told I laid down again and momma went up to take care of you. I played with you once you came downstairs, but, it was a little early dude. I still gave you lots of kisses and attempted some hugs before you started being silly. One of my favorite moments was when you came up next to me and head nuzzled me with a baby hug. I love you too lil’ dude. Thank you. 



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“Why are you waiting at the door Kimmy? Come play!”

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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