Four Hundred and Eleven Paws

Dear LDB, Hi there! It’s your best buddy, Kimmy. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed our cuddle time the other day. You brought the blankets and pillows over to me in the family room. I was curled up along the slider and sunshine. You laid the blanket down and pillows andContinue reading “Four Hundred and Eleven Paws”

Four Hundred and Ten Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello! It’s been a rather sunny few days here again. Although, I think that the weather teases me, if I am to be honest. First it’s sunny, and warm and dry and then it rain, rain, rained, and this cycle has repeated itself twice. Mama says that, “Three times is a charm,” I’mContinue reading “Four Hundred and Ten Paws”

Four Hundred and Nine Paws

Dear Little Brothers, Greetings from my couch bed. I enjoy dictating to my scribe from the comfort of my blanket bed. I just know it’s going to be a great day when I can start it off by being left to sleep in. That’s always a sure fire sign that things are going well forContinue reading “Four Hundred and Nine Paws”

Four Hundred and Eight Paws

Dear Brothers, Guess what? It’s a special day. Do you know what day it is? There’s a song that can go along with it! It’s daddy’s birthday! Isn’t that exciting? We had a visit from the Grammie Kathy to celebrate and we all ate lots of the human foods last night. I loved getting toContinue reading “Four Hundred and Eight Paws”

Four Hundred and Seven Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello fellow home inhabitants. It is, your faithful companion, Kimmy dog. We have had a lot of interesting events taking place over the last two days. Mama and daddy invested in someone working on our front yard space and the entire ground was dug up, transformed, and now is being replanted. Who knewContinue reading “Four Hundred and Seven Paws”

Four Hundred and Six Paws

Dear World, Let the sunshine in, could be our phrase to describe the last week’s weather. Yesterday however, was reminiscent of our rainy and cloudy days. I got to enjoying myself with my sun spot snoozes and porch rests in filtered tree sunlight. I was reminded of my early puppy days in the sunshine ofContinue reading “Four Hundred and Six Paws”

Four Hundred and Five Paws

Dear Little Brothers, Hi, I’m back, it’s Kimmy. I’m taking a nap on the couch bed right now. I did a lot of work this morning. Mama decided to do the unsoundly and unsightly thing: vacuum. I loathe the vacuum little dudes. So, she helps me out by sending me to the upstairs/landing area andContinue reading “Four Hundred and Five Paws”

Four Hundred and Four Paws

Dear Paw-Brothers, Kimmy here, reporting for daily duties. Lately, we’ve all been enjoying the out of doors times. The big humans have been mowing the lawn more, pulling up the prickly bush plants, and plucking the weeds. I didn’t know that our garden would grow so quickly! We have a plant called bok-choy, and anotherContinue reading “Four Hundred and Four Paws”

Four Hundred and Three Paws

Dear Little Brothers, This weekend we did a lot of yard and outside work. I supported the team effort whenever there was inside passing and through the front window. LDB you helped daddy take out the seven large prickle bushes by the front walk way. You discovered interesting cocoon’s for moths. You also helped daddyContinue reading “Four Hundred and Three Paws”

Four Hundred and Two Paws

Dear Pack Humans, I am writing to you at bedtime. We had quite the eventful evening of play, romping, and rough housing around outside. I was so tuckered out that I quite literally couldn’t move once you were both in bed. My body was so tired that I nuzzled into your blanket on the couchContinue reading “Four Hundred and Two Paws”