Four Hundred and Fifty Seven Paws

Dear Littles Bro,

Hi IRB! We had quite the morning today. You had many words to share during our walk. I was trying to tell you that everything would be alright, but you were not having it. I’m glad that you decided you liked your water bottle, and were comforted by it part way through the walk.

You didn’t seem to enjoy when the other neighbor dogs ran up to our stroller. I was startled and decided that the best method of handling the situation would be to jump up, and try to pull myself out of my collar and leash. Mama was not having that business though, sigh. So I followed directions and stayed with the stroller. I was worried that the other doggy would come up to you, and LDB. Mama yelled, “No! Go home, NO!” to the other doggies. LDB, and you both started to cry, and then whine, and I was getting all worked up jumping around, and at last the two other dogs finally left us alone.

Golly, stress can really motivate us though. I took off on a brisk pace, and we ambled our way through the neighborhood for the rest of our walk. At first I was a little bit worked up, but I knew we were safe. You seemed to enjoy your water bottle straw, and hung out calmly after that business in the stroller little one. I kind of miss you when we’re all sleeping, but then I remembered that I can meet you in dream land! And, aha, there you are buddy! I love you!



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Cute paws, and this baby… and his curiosity.

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