Four Hundred and Twenty Nine Paws

Dear Kimmy (this is a flashback letter story), Hi big sister doggy! Did you know that yesterday was the hottest recorded day in Oregon? It was 115 degrees in one day! Mama and I went to the library and a surprise ice cream parlor. I’ve gone and gotten ice cream at the beach with mommaContinue reading “Four Hundred and Twenty Nine Paws”

Four Hundred and Twenty Eight Paws

Dear Brothers, What do you get when it reads 100 plus degrees over four days in our city? I’m waiting for it… well, what do you think? A hot dog. Did you get it? Ha! Well, we don’t eat hot dogs in this family anyways! We eat veggie dogs…and that’s a good thing. Hehehe, hotContinue reading “Four Hundred and Twenty Eight Paws”

Four Hundred and Twenty Seven Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello there humans. I was just reflecting with my paws. They reminded me of something, we survived the hottest day ever recorded in Oregon. How hot was it, you might be wondering? Well it was so hot that the parents hung a giant quilt up over the back windows, closed all the blinds,Continue reading “Four Hundred and Twenty Seven Paws”

Four Hundred and Twenty Six Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello there human babes. We had a most lovely weekend filled with family time and Auntie Sheli. She’s been my auntie since before you were both born! I am the oldest child in the house, as we all know. Do you remember when she visited us when you were a tiny ‘not crawling’Continue reading “Four Hundred and Twenty Six Paws”

Four Hundred and Twenty Five Paws

Dear Brothers, Guess what? I love you both so much! I love you so much that I’ll lick your tears away when you’re feeling all of the sad feelings coming on. You’re both generally on the floor when the feelings happen so I have really good proximity to help out. Littlest brother you’re getting biggerContinue reading “Four Hundred and Twenty Five Paws”

Four Hundred and Twenty Four Paws

Dearest tiny humans, Here’s a factoid about your doggy here, Kimmy: I like to cuddle, but I don’t like to be jumped on. So, why you might be asking, am I sharing this information? I’m sharing because dear small human-oids of the toddler variety, I am not your jungle gym. When I am tired ofContinue reading “Four Hundred and Twenty Four Paws”

Four Hundred and Twenty Three Paws

Dear Brothers, Happy official start of the day, the sun is barely out, but you’re up! I learn all kinds of fascinating information each day because I listen to the stories momma and daddy read to you two. If I listen carefully, you’re also sharing new facts now too LDB and IRB. IRB teaches meContinue reading “Four Hundred and Twenty Three Paws”

Four Hundred and Twenty Two Paws

Dear LDB, Hi oldest but younger brother. We’ve had a few early mornings together lately. I love your company, don’t get me wrong, but if the birds are not fully awake and chirping, it’s still time to get your sleep on. What do you think about that? I know that mama and daddy would appreciateContinue reading “Four Hundred and Twenty Two Paws”

Four Hundred and Twenty One Paws

Dear Brothers, Hello! Happy tidings to you both. We had a lovely Kimmy walk yesterday. You were quite busy on your bicycle LDB. You’re really fascinated with how you can lift up the front tire with your handle bars and hold up the wheel. You enjoy sharing this skill with neighbor friends too. I’m notContinue reading “Four Hundred and Twenty One Paws”

Four Hundred and Twenty Paws

Dear Brothers, Yesterday we went on an afternoon walk together as a family. We ventured to the neighbors house that have other tiny humans living in it. They were outside playing and you joined them for a little bit, LDB. I watched from the stroller with daddy holding his leash. I would have been moreContinue reading “Four Hundred and Twenty Paws”