Four Hundred and Fifty Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hi there! I enjoyed our walk together today. There weren’t any other neighbors outside though! We enjoyed seeing a few garbage trucks throughout the neighborhood. They make lots of rumbling noises, and stop, and go so many times.

In fact, when we were all investigating in the sandbox, mama ushered me inside so that you three could run to the front of the house, and watch the glass truck rumble down our road. It took the recycling and went on its way. Who knew trucks were such a serious business? I was so tuckered out from our walk, back and front yard play, trucks, and play time inside that I decided to start my nap early. So here I am, laying on my blanket on the bed resting. It sounds like IRB is sleeping, but LDB has a lot to say, and work out still. Golly you can talk LDB, I love it, but I also like the quiet when I’m napping little dude.



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Eye see you.

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