Four Hundred and Fifty Five Paws

Dear Kimmy dog,

Hiiiiii! It’s me, IRB, I am having a busy crawling, playing, screaming full day! How about you big doggy friend? I love you so much. I crawled right over to you and barred down and almost bumped my head into you today, because I was so excited to be near you! Haha! I laughed and flopped my arms onto your back giving you a great big hug.

I liked our walk together with daddy. You seemed to be having a great time! You sauntered along side the stroller, and walked proudly. We took our walk at a little bit of a later time, but it worked out just the same, and we enjoyed some fresh air, and sunshine together. You were lying by the garage door waiting on the carpet for quite a while. I took the hint and tried to tell mama and daddy that you wanted to go outside, but they didn’t seem to pick up on just what my scream words meant. Then, mama finally realized, and we had our change of scenery didn’t we buddy? Sometimes it takes those parents a while to realize what we need. We have to cut them some slack every now and then. I love you.



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Snack helper Kimmy and caterpillar toes.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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