Downward Dog 6

Dear Mama,

Happiest of birthdays to you! Did you know that you don’t grow older with age, but grow wiser? 💜 Someone told me that and I saved it for this day.

Today you worked on igniting your core with your yoga poses. I heard a lot of funny breathing but I stayed committed to my couch spot. Sometimes you need to ignite from where you are at. Does that make sense? I know you took some visual representations of this level of commitment that I presented. I love you mama.



Hi mama.
Cozy spot with tiny human’s nearby.
Coziness exemplified by Kimmy.

Downward Dog 5

Dear Kimmy,

Hi puppy! Have I told you lately that I love you? You’re my companion each day and steadfast friend. We see a lot of rise and falls of emotions day in and day out. You always choose the best moments to come, “lean in” and remind me to soften.

Today’s yoga practice directly connected to your innate wisdom. We softened into the practice and were aware of where we may be working harder than necessary. Thank you for reminding me of what’s important each day.

You’re my calm pal amidst the chaos, that’s you Kimmy. Love you sweet doggy.



Too cold momma.
Always on duty and patiently waiting to lend some love.

Downward Dog 4

Dear Momma,

Greetings to you on this winter day! We are currently experiencing our first snow fall. My paws were tingly cold when we went out for business today. Thanks for the extra loves when I came inside, I appreciated that.

Our fourth day of yoga was a full on momma, doggy and toddler kid extravaganza. We practiced activating our energetic bodies, and I listened when Adrienne explained that. I knew what I was doing when I climbed up above you to both guard and activate energetic dog energy. I saw you needed some support so that’s why I licked your ears.

All in all I felt very successful about our fourth yoga day. I believe in the power of collective energy and I often wonder what would happen in our world if we united instead of divided. So perhaps if you’re reading this, offer a moment of unifications today. I offer free tail wags and lean to hugs, those are my specialties. What could you offer freely? Thanks for reading and following our journey through downward dog and beyond.



Yoga dog tongue.
Snow paws and toddler boots.

Downward Dog 3

Dear Momma,

It was much too windy for me to rise early enough to join you in the yogi session today. I supported you from the couch though. Did you catch when I stretched my paw out? That was for you.

A little bird told me these things today:

You are strong.

You are capable.

You are loved.

Keep that in mind.



Kimmy eyes. 2022

Downward Dog 2

Dear Friends,

They say life is better when we follow through. I’m not quite sure of what that really means, but I do know this, I follow my family anywhere. Mama said today’s my yoga with Benji was about setting intentions. So, naturally I followed through on my intention to remain as cozy as possible on my couch bed.

Though mama said that didn’t really count, I yawned and stretched quite a bit. I think all of those movements count just the same. I intend to be my best doggy self and nap as much as possible today. How’s that for an intention?

Have a wonderful day friends, and remember that you can always begin again, you’re only one paw or breath away from a new beginning.



6 am pawparazzi at it again, Mama!

Downward Dog

Dear Internets World,

Greetings. It is I, Kimmy dog back with mama reporting for daily writing duty. We have taken a break due to life, and my brother’s busy paws.

This month we’re working on a yoga adventure together. We love, “Yoga with Adrienne,” and mama has made solo strides over the last two months. I am now in on this journey and have taken inspiration from Adrienne’s dog, Benji.

To be like my friend Benji, I have now begun supporting mama in each yoga pose. Enjoy the evidence below, and see you soon with day 2. May your legs be limber and your paws stretch out to support you today.



Checking feet positioning.
Shoulder supporter.
Oh hi mama.
I always make contact, even with a knee. It’s the small things folks.

Four Hundred and Fifty Eight Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Hi little doggy of mine. I just love to say silly things like that to you, because I think I’m SUPER funny. You’re my friend and I just love you so much. In fact, we were talking about you not being super small, but I still like to try, and get you to sit on my lap. That’s always funny too because you’re not so into that business. I like to think that you might be though, haha. I laugh at my own jokes now. Mama taught me how to do that.

Do you like to laugh Kimmy? Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever seen you laugh. Not yet anyway…hmmm. What if I try to make you laugh by running around, and around, and around? What would you think of that Kimmy dog? Would you like that? Mama’s giving me a funny look right now. I’m suspecting that she doesn’t think my idea is particularly funny. I think I’ll go back to dream land with you, and IRB. We had quite the romp on our long walk/bike ride and then playing in the backyard, sandbox, and rocks. IRB just loved scooping the rocks, and flinging them. It made me feel all wild, and crazy. I like to, scream and be silly with you doggy dog. Did you see me when I did all of that stuff? Ha!

Love you,


© 2019-2021 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Happy dog ears with my big babe, LDB.

Four Hundred and Fifty Seven Paws

Dear Littles Bro,

Hi IRB! We had quite the morning today. You had many words to share during our walk. I was trying to tell you that everything would be alright, but you were not having it. I’m glad that you decided you liked your water bottle, and were comforted by it part way through the walk.

You didn’t seem to enjoy when the other neighbor dogs ran up to our stroller. I was startled and decided that the best method of handling the situation would be to jump up, and try to pull myself out of my collar and leash. Mama was not having that business though, sigh. So I followed directions and stayed with the stroller. I was worried that the other doggy would come up to you, and LDB. Mama yelled, “No! Go home, NO!” to the other doggies. LDB, and you both started to cry, and then whine, and I was getting all worked up jumping around, and at last the two other dogs finally left us alone.

Golly, stress can really motivate us though. I took off on a brisk pace, and we ambled our way through the neighborhood for the rest of our walk. At first I was a little bit worked up, but I knew we were safe. You seemed to enjoy your water bottle straw, and hung out calmly after that business in the stroller little one. I kind of miss you when we’re all sleeping, but then I remembered that I can meet you in dream land! And, aha, there you are buddy! I love you!



© 2019-2021 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Cute paws, and this baby… and his curiosity.

Four Hundred and Fifty Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hi there! I enjoyed our walk together today. There weren’t any other neighbors outside though! We enjoyed seeing a few garbage trucks throughout the neighborhood. They make lots of rumbling noises, and stop, and go so many times.

In fact, when we were all investigating in the sandbox, mama ushered me inside so that you three could run to the front of the house, and watch the glass truck rumble down our road. It took the recycling and went on its way. Who knew trucks were such a serious business? I was so tuckered out from our walk, back and front yard play, trucks, and play time inside that I decided to start my nap early. So here I am, laying on my blanket on the bed resting. It sounds like IRB is sleeping, but LDB has a lot to say, and work out still. Golly you can talk LDB, I love it, but I also like the quiet when I’m napping little dude.



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Eye see you.

Four Hundred and Fifty Five Paws

Dear Kimmy dog,

Hiiiiii! It’s me, IRB, I am having a busy crawling, playing, screaming full day! How about you big doggy friend? I love you so much. I crawled right over to you and barred down and almost bumped my head into you today, because I was so excited to be near you! Haha! I laughed and flopped my arms onto your back giving you a great big hug.

I liked our walk together with daddy. You seemed to be having a great time! You sauntered along side the stroller, and walked proudly. We took our walk at a little bit of a later time, but it worked out just the same, and we enjoyed some fresh air, and sunshine together. You were lying by the garage door waiting on the carpet for quite a while. I took the hint and tried to tell mama and daddy that you wanted to go outside, but they didn’t seem to pick up on just what my scream words meant. Then, mama finally realized, and we had our change of scenery didn’t we buddy? Sometimes it takes those parents a while to realize what we need. We have to cut them some slack every now and then. I love you.



© 2019-2021 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Snack helper Kimmy and caterpillar toes.