Eighty Three Paws

Dear Leo,

Hello buddy! Today you went with the mama to the book place. You didn’t smell like soap when you came home though. I wonder if they did the bubbles with you? I’m currently sleeping on part of the blankets on the couch to hold up your fort. It’s an important job and I don’t want to let you down. So I figured that snoozing on your blankets would help assure that the fort stays in tact.

This morning we played, “Chase, change spots quick,” together. You laughed and laughed and laughed. I got so excited at one point that I decided to race around and around and around upstairs. You laughed so hard and flopped on my doggy bed. I admit, I was really pretty into it, but I was also just so happy to hear you laugh so much. It’s one of my favorite sounds. I love to see you happy and excited to play with me. Best doggy buddies for life! 



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“Did you want to chew on it too baby?”

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