Eighty One Paws

Dear Baby,

A word of advice, don’t run on the slippery wet concrete or rocks unless you have paws and long nails. You will fall. I notice these human fails or learning opportunities as our humans say. This morning we were playing in the back yard. I wasn’t particularly happy about any of it because it was wet. When it is wet, I’m not too pleased. I don’t like the squishy feeling I get in my paws. It gets inside the delicate paws spots I have and then they get wet, and then the cold seeps in, and then the humans touch my paws because they can’t be wet inside. It’s a whole thing. But anyway, I forgot where I was. Oh yeah! Or maybe I should have written, “Oh yeah…”

You fell. Well really, you ker-plopped. Mama was there in less than two seconds. At first you didn’t say or do anything. Then you got a little upset because you’d gotten bark on your face. Mama wiped it all off, you brush-brushed off your hands and everything was fine again. You might be wondering why I chose to write to you about this? Well, it’s important that we all recognize the dangers of running on the wet things outside. So, word to the wise babe, watch your step. Or, work on your paws like me, and you’ll be as nimble as a dog in no time. I love you. 


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Sweet pup snooze time.

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