Sixty Four Paws

Dear Leo, Today we took our walk later in the morning, but guess what I loved about that? It was SUPER SUNNY! I felt like I was in California for a moment and even panted a little bit. Best. Feeling. Ever! I miss the sunshine when it rains here in the P.N.W. Momma says that’sContinue reading “Sixty Four Paws”

Sixty Two Paws

Dear Leo,  Sometimes, when you don’t want to climb up the stairs you lay flat on the landing staircase that I like to sit upon. Then I have the challenging job of stepping around your small body in order to get up the stairs. Sometimes you start rolling around, and then the big humans helpContinue reading “Sixty Two Paws”

Sixty One Paws

Dear Leo, Tonight you had a big cry-cry before you went to sleep. It was really hard for momma and dada too. They just wanted to hold you all night, but they can’t do that. I offered to sleep with you, but I get up and move around a lot, so I don’t think itContinue reading “Sixty One Paws”

Sixty Paws

Dear Leo, Sometimes you play this game that momma calls, “keep-a-way.” You go and take one of the stuffies that I’m playing with, bring it to momma, and tell her something in your language that means, “hold this momma so Kimmy can’t have it,” and then you walk away. So I do what comes naturalContinue reading “Sixty Paws”