Sixty Two Paws

Dear Leo, 

Sometimes, when you don’t want to climb up the stairs you lay flat on the landing staircase that I like to sit upon. Then I have the challenging job of stepping around your small body in order to get up the stairs. Sometimes you start rolling around, and then the big humans help you get up the rest of the stairs. I’m not really sure why you want to roll around on the stairs anyways. A bed, or the upstairs is a much better spot, but there could be a really good smell there that you’re trying to get up. I do that occasionally. I like to stick my nose in really deep to get all the hound doggy smells I can. 

On an unrelated note, it was incredibly windy today.  I was speaking about smells, which can really just send me off on a tangent. I received so many smells all at the same time in the air this morning. Momma was in her giant coat with the fluffy hood and standing there waiting for me to do my business thing. I told her to go inside with my eyes, but she hollered at me to go potty! How unrealistic of her, I didn’t have that option when I was receiving so many smell currents at once! I finished with my sniffs and then came inside. If you had been there with me you would have understood. 

I love you baby, 


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“No photos momma, this is nap time!”

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