Two Hundred and Eight Paws

Dear Leo,

Today mama had one of her, “boop, boop, beep, beep,” doctor appointments in the morning. We all slept in a little bit, but you managed to get up in time to see the garbage truck arrive and dump our bins from the small street we live on. That was the first highlight of your day! You and I helped dada make pancakes with stuff in them for breakfast. You seemed to really enjoy helping with the kitchen cooking business. I sat patiently and watched to see if anything would drop down that might need some licking up.

Mama read you this book about a bug that goes kerchooooo and you found it quite funny. I just sat and waited for my pancake, but it didn’t come. I had a nice breakfast of crunchy foods earlier than your pancake, but I just assumed that I would get a tasty one too. After mama left for her doctor appointment you, dada, and I went on a long sunshine walk together. I loved being warm and watching all the creatures stir in the sunlight. I had not been on a walk in a couple of days and I missed it. I don’t like to leave mama’s side, so today was a nice change for me. You seemed quite pleased to be outside too.

After our walk you went on a long run with dada around the neighborhood. You told me about some tiny goats that you saw near the neighborhood park! They sounded quite funny because you said they kept saying, “Baaa-baaaa-baaaa.” I don’t know what that means because I don’t speak goat or sheep, whichever one it is. I speak doggy and some human language too. I mostly speak the language of FOOD! I see food, I want to eat food, they drop food, I investigate the food, you get the picture. I love you lil’ dude.

Xo, Kimmy

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