Two Hundred and Seven Paws

Dear Kimmy,

There are some new things happening around our home right now. I make sense of them by talking them out before my nap and bed time. I like to verbally process, as mama calls it. I talk about a lot of things during those times. Sometimes you talk before you go to sleep too.

I notice that you give a lot of sighs and harrumphs before you nap. We both like to talk things out I guess. That’s another thing we have in common, big sister dog. I find it funny when you talk them out though because you have high and low pitched sounds and once in a while you will say more than one harrumph in a row. Those are the best moments of talking.

We have brought in new furniture, put up curtains, and also moved things around in the upstairs part of the house mostly. I know that we will have a new little human coming here soon, and I think you know it too. You won’t come on walks or runs with dada and I if mama is not with us. You seem really worried about our mama and you don’t like to leave her. I just say, “Bye bye mama,” and I blow her a kiss. Maybe you should try that? It might help you to know that she is ok and that you can leave the house. Yesterday we tried giving you some cookies before you left the house, but you didn’t want to leave the driveway. I understand, sometimes we just need to stay put in order to feel safe. I love you Kimmy-Kim dog. 



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Paws in the sand, nose in the air, living the beach life as a dog for a moment in time.

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