Two Hundred and Nine Paws

Dear Kimmy aka Himmy,

Hi best doggy friend! You had a busy morning with me! You, mama, dada, and I went on a walk with our stroller. You had a great time and kept wagging your tail. Mama said, “Kimmy are you happy? Are you loving the sunshine too?” I think you were! I brought along mama’s old stuffed animal dog, she calls it puppy. I call her, “Chibi!” She’s my puppy doggy stuffy now, but mama shows her some love when I bring her over to her for hugs and kisses each day.

After our walk or “wa-p,” we had some fun at home. We painted with glitter paint, set it all up, took it all down, mowed both lawns, snacked, played, and then romped about while you got ready for a bath with the dada. You were really calm and followed directions in the bath tub. Mama gave you treats and I did too. You seemed really happy to get some small crunchy treats. I stood guard for you like you do for me. I take my baths at night-night time.

After your bath you were the funniest doggy! You dove right into your bed, shook off, and plopped. Then you plopped again onto the couch and you haven’t moved, except to change sleeping positions. I think the walk, the wags, and the bath took it out of you. I’m snoozing too, but sending mama my entry telepathically, I learned that new word recently. I love you buddy of mine. 

xo, Leo

© 2019-2020 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

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