Two Hundred and Six Paws

Dear Leo,

“Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in, let the sunshine, let the sunshine in,” I heard that once when mama and dada were watching a musical called, “Hair.” That song stuck with me because I love the sunshine so much. I think I was meant to sing it, but who knows? Us dogs have a lot of pathways that lead us to our destinies.

We enjoyed some running around silliness time this morning in our back yard. You were super duper helpful and checked for all the doggy number two’s in the space. You reported back to the mama and she used the pooper scooper. Now that you know the words and phrases to so many different every day things, you love to be a helper and identify everything you know with words. Sometimes though, lil’ dude, I don’t need your human help. I would rather you act like a doggy, like me and be silly instead of, “in charge.” But, alas, time goes all too quickly in my opinion, and you think you are in charge of me now. As all humans perceive at some point in time. I just want you to remember to keep the silliness in the forefront of your puppy dog mind and not get too side tracked from what’s most important in our relationship here: play. I love you buddy!

xoxo, Kimmy

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Just casual resting here mama, look away, the pillows are fine!

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